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2020년 1월 22일 해외 추천 UI/UX 아티클
전민수 2020.01.23

1. My Figma wish list: 10 features to build in 2020

2. UX psychology principles: seven important questions

3. UI cheat sheet: text fields

4. Design Better Input Fields

5. Design Better Forms

6. Address Field Design Best Practices

7. Placeholders in Form Fields Are Harmful

8.Design Better Input Fields

9. Alternatives to Placeholder Text

10. 58 Form Design Best Practices & Form UX Examples

11. Designing Perfect Text Field: Clarity, Accessibility and User Effort

12. Dropdown alternatives for better (mobile) forms

13. 11 form design guidelines

14. Form design: handling optional fields

15. Designing address forms for everyone, everywhere

16. Forms Need Validation

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2020년 1월 20일 국내/해외 추천 UI/UX 아티클
전민수 2020.01.21

1. 5 design principles for better products

2. 6 Essential Tips for Effective A/B Testing

3. Why Doesn’t Your Website Stand Out? 

4. Graphic Design Trends That Will Help Your Business Stand Out in 2020

5. UI Interactions of the week #193

6. Weekly Design Inspiration #240

7. UI cheat sheets: buttons

8. 7 Basic Rules for Button Design

9. Is the floating action button bad UX design?

10. Best Practices for Buttons

11. Basic Types of Buttons in User Interfaces


전민수 프로필
2020년 1월 19일 국내/해외 추천 UI/UX 아티클
전민수 2020.01.20

<국내 UI/UX 추천 아티클>

1. 더 나은 로그인 페이지를 만드는 팁 10가지

2. 더블 다이아몬드만으론 한계를 느꼈다면, 트라이앵글 프로세스

<해외 UI/UX 추천 아티클>

1. The Definitive Guide to Landing Pages

2. The Role of Animation and Motion in UX

3. 7 Effective Chatbot Use Cases That Work for Business Goals

4. Biggest design trends for 2020

전민수 프로필
2020년 1월 18일 국내/해외 추천 UI/UX 아티클
전민수 2020.01.20

<해외 UI/UX 추천 아티클>

1. The challenge of getting screen transitions right

2. The relationship between cognitive psychology and UX

3. Why design systems fail and how to make them work in 2020

4. Touching Music: Exploring Spotify Gestures

<국내 UI/UX 추천 아티클> 



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2020년 1월 17일 국내/해외 추천 UI/UX 아티클
전민수 2020.01.18

<국내 UI/UX 추천 아티클>

1. UI 디자인과 타이포그래피

2. 2020 UX 디자인 트렌드

3. UX 디자이너로의 커리어 전환을 생각하시는 분들에게

<해외 UI/UX 추천 아티클>

1. My UX Design Checklist for Thinking, Doing, and Learning

2. My Top UX/UI blogs for 2020

3. Why Isn’t There A Standard Share Icon?

4. Bill Splitter — Dropbox Challenge

5. 150+ Design Resources

6. UserPont: connecting UX consultants and real users — UX Case Study

7. How adopting a UX mindset changed the Shopify Help Center

8. A Day In The Life Of A UX Designer

9. Spotify Stories

10. When mom asks me what is a Product Manager?

11. Why UX, UI, CX, IA, IxD, and Other Sorts of Design Are Dumb

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